Incredible India – three pieces of the mosaic

The tagline “Incredible India” has been used all over by everyone. I decided to use it instead of reinventing another less powerful one. I am sure you will have your own perspective of incredible India. Here are three of mine.

New Delhi has the India Gate; Mumbai the Gateway to India. But all over the country there are numerous gateways belonging to varied ethnic schools of architecture each opening into a piece of the mosaic that make up Incredible India. This one leads you to Chitkul, the last inhabited village in the Sangla-Baspa valley, 35 km from the Indo-Tibetian border. Chitkul has been around over a couple of centuries.

It has been a long journey from the docks of Lothal and Rangpur, belonging to the Harappan era. We don’t know what the religion was those days; but since then four religions have been born in the country. The Buddhists made religion practical by inventing the prayer wheel that made it possible for you to pray while at work. The water powered prayer wheel was the next logical step. Automated prayers for world peace; aided by mother nature, sponsored by Incredible India.

The Sunderbans – not quite Waterworld, but almost. Here mangroves help land to mesh into water. It’s almost difficult to know for sure when you stepped off land into the water. So what do you do for road signs when land itself disappears? Especially when rivers cross to each other on their way to the sea.You put up road or rather river signs. Left turn for the Gomti river, take the right turn for the Pirkhali village. And hey, no parking, keep off the land, the Royal Bengal tiger is less forgiving than that gardener was when you didn’t keep off the grass. Incredible India.

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