Jobs that pay the rent

The last time I sent out a mass mailer with some updates it seemed that there was something to talk about. I have been waiting since then for similar events to happen so that I could again write to you. The last quarter has unfortunately been less eventful. But the idea is not to brag about the wonderful life that I am living, it is to share how the chips have been falling.

I was on a flight towards the end of October and was watching “The Devil Wears Prada” where Andy Sachs (after landing a job as the second assistant to Miranda Priestly) is celebrating with her friends. They toast to “jobs that pay the rent”. Good perspective – even if it sounds a bit like Walter Mitty. I wish I could look at my job with such clarity. It would minimize the frustration and would also help me let go and indulge in that dream of starting a farm & kennel or a Sukumar Ray merchandizing business with an online distribution channel. I am sure all of us would like to do the same if we were brave enough or stupid enough – depending on how you look at it.

A fresh perspective is something which I have gained each time I have caught up with someone after a long time. For example meeting Patrick at Belmont or Manoj at Foster City or Sumit at San Jose were experiences in themselves. It is also a very good feeling not only to be able to renew old friendships with ex-colleagues and old classmates, but it also gives your ego a boost to be accepted by the family members too. Manoj’s children listened to my stories, let me have their room for the night and made me a goodbye card when I left.

Sumit and his wife drove me to Palo Alto to watch “Aniket”, an original play performed by Enad ( It is a “Lessons Learnt” case study of a not-so-fictitious couple returning to Calcutta, trying to fit in and enjoy the best of both worlds. It was as if there was this effort by the Bay Area Bengalis to keep the tribe together and discourage defections back to the “homeland” that has moved on and is surviving without their physical presence anyway. But this is, as I said, a “Lessons Learnt” story. For best practices for the same exercise please contact Debasis Das. There are some in my current organization too who have successfully made this transition.

There is isn’t really much to talk about this time. I am trying out a few transitions myself in my job front. I hope I have the energy to continue my efforts. Meanwhile there are these jobs to pay the rent.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and a Peaceful 2007.

Post Script: I have added 54 recipients to this distribution list. If you are one of them and want to read my back issue I would be happy to email the same.

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